SAPOR Rentals


SAPOR Rentals started in 2005 as a finance brokerage business, providing leasing finance solutions for asset-based equipment.

In 2009 we took the bold step of moving from our brokerage business model to a boutique finance house, by approaching and securing the support of private financiers offering them above average returns on their investment. Changing our business model has allowed SAPOR Rentals to capitalize our own deals and we are proud to say we currently fund most of our transaction internally.

Business Finance

Our Areas of Financial Expertise

Benefits of Operating Leases

  • Facilitates purchase of key business operating equipment.
  • No capital expense (CAPEX) required, keeping your working capital intact.
  • Does NOT reflect in the Balance Sheet, hence no effect on your financial ratios.
  • Reflects as an operating expense in the Income Statement, making it 100% deductable.
  • Existing business credit lines remain unaffected.
  • VAT is paid monthly and is offset against the business’ VAT charged.
  • Escalations can be used to suit cash flow requirements.
  • Ongoing upgrades on equipment.
Financial Report

Operating Lease versus Financial Lease

Operating Lease

  • May escalate installments to suite client’s needs.
  • VAT payable and claimed monthly.
  • Interest calculated excluding VAT.
  • Full lease is 100% deductable every month.
  • No CAPEX required.
  • Reflects in the Income Statement as an operating expense.
  • Interest rate not disclosed.
  • No deposit required.
  • No effect on financial ratios.
  • Options to upgrade equipment.

Financial Lease

  • Structured payments.
  • Full VAT payable and claimed upfront.
  • Interest calculated including VAT.
  • Only depreciation is deductable.
  • CAPEX is required.
  • Reflects in the Balance Sheet as a deprecable asset.
  • Interest rate not disclosed, but available on request.
  • Deposit is negotiable.
  • Affects ‘equity ratio’, ‘current ration’, and ‘return on assets ratio.’
  • No upgrade until existing deal is settled.

How This Works

  1. The client selects the equipment (photocopiers, surveillance, telecommunications, etc.) from the supplier.
  2. The supplier helps the client to gather and complete the necessary applications forms.
  3. The supplier submits these to SAPOR Rentals for review.
  4. If approved, the Master Rental Agreement is signed with the client.
  5. The supplier installs the equipment.
  6. The client signs-off that everything has been installed.
  7. SAPOR Rentals pays the supplier in full.
  8. SAPOR Rentals collects the monthly lease from the client.
How This Works
SAPOR Rentals manages the payment process via our in-house debit order collection system. See Admin Services page for further details.

Become a Supplier

Interested in becoming a supplier of SAPOR Rentals? Get your application process started by downloading and completing these three documents. Once completed, email them to Corey Badenhorst – Sales and Marketing Director – for review.
Supplier Excellence Awards
Crispen and Brighton receiving the Excellence Award for Tel One SA at SAPOR Group’s 30th Anniversary event.