SAPOR Private Equity Fund

In 2009, SAPOR Rentals began the transition from a brokerage business model to an independent financial institution, by approaching and securing the support of private equity lenders, offering them an above average rate of return on their money.

Why We Want Private Equity Lenders

The finances raised through the Private Equity Fund are used to fund the lease agreements on a day-to-day basis. The steady growth in this fund allows us to fund most of our transactions in-house.

SAPOR Rentals has a fiduciary duty towards our lenders to make smart financial decisions, ensuring the continuous high return on investment associated with the private equity fund. To this end we are expanding our financial service offerings to include funding for:

  • Prepaid Metering Services
  • Solar Systems
  • HOA and Body Corporate Loans
  • Medical Equipment
We will continue to fund our traditional lease agreements which includes office automation, surveillance, telecommunications, and IT equipment.

What We Offer Lenders

SAPOR Rentals is paying above average interest rates to their lenders on amounts not less than R 100,000.00 placed into our care for periods of 12, 24 or 36 months. Special conditions apply to values over R3 million.

Interest is paid out quarterly over the contract period, into the account of your choice.

Competitive Interest Rates

How Safe Is Your Private Equity Loan?

The SAPOR Private Equity Fund has been building steadily since its 2009 launch. There are currently over 400 individual participants in the program with 850+ active loans – meaning many lenders have multiple loans with us. This has allowed more than 2,100 active leases!

The Private Equity Fund is audited by Baker Tilley SVG, an independent member of Baker Tilley International, and a trusted and well-respected financial auditing firm. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Baker Tilley in our commitment to provide fiscally responsible fund management to our lenders.