Prepaid Metering

SAPOR Rentals Teams Up With Jager Technologies

We understand that the initial capital outlay for prepaid utility solutions can be prohibitive. The business relationship between SAPOR Rentals and Jager Technologies offers finance packages for medium to large-sized installations in residential complexes, business parks, malls, schools, and so forth.

Benefits of Operating Leases

  • Facilitates purchase of smart metering solutions.
  • No capital expense (CAPEX) required, keeping your working capital intact.
  • Does NOT reflect in the Balance Sheet, hence no effect on your financial ratios.
  • Reflects as an operating expense in the Income Statement, making it 100% deductable.

Electricity and Water Metering Solutions

Prepaid Solutions

Jager’s approved STS prepaid system has been serving the water and electricity industry for numerous years and their in-house development team continuously upgrades the system to afford our clients the best possible service.

They are leaders in the field of Smart metering and our Smart prepaid system has gained significant traction with property owners and landlords as it gives them complete control over their properties. The recent implementation of Smart prepaid in local municipalities has given them the opportunity to provide this service in the public sector. Their research and development teams have made it possible to implement Smart prepaid to not just the electricity sector but to water as well.

Elster Electricity Meters

Postpaid Metering

This has been the company’s longest running service and the experience built up in this area has been immense with assisting clients all over Southern Africa. Automated meter reading has developed into a platform to provide clients with not just readings in Time of Use but billing systems, live links and custom billing as part of the whole package. The system can support any COSEM-DLMS meters as well as any tariffs which will be applicable. Jager uses secure communication protocols which guarantees the integrity of the data.
Lisera Water Meters