SAPOR Launches New Website!

Website Launch
Our website has been revamped with a new template, giving us a fresh, modern design that is fully responsive – which means it looks great on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

We have worked hard to make sure all the links work, content is current and relevant, etc. but we know there is always room for improvement . . .

If you have any suggestions for improvement, or if you find any content errors, broken links, or design issues please let us know buy sending an email to our Webmaster, Valdi Venter.

SAPOR Rentals’ 13th Birthday!

13th Birthday
Rentals Leadership
Directors, Ronell and Corey, were the first two employees. Rory is the team mascot!
SAPOR Rentals was born on August 1st, 2005. Our incredible 13-year journey has seen some challenges through the years . . . While the changing economic climates and the global 2008 recession saw many small businesses struggle and fail, it inspired us to re-engineer our business with the creation of our Private Equity Fund. This move allows us to fund most of our lease agreements internally.

From our humble beginnings of two staff members (the two directors) we have grown to a 23-member team – 16 of which have been with the company for more than 8 years! Thank you to our incredible team for hanging in there with us! The best is yet to come!

SAPOR Private Equity Fund Announces New Interest Rates

Interest Rates
Our Private Equity Fund allows you to create some truly passive income for yourself. We have a long track record with over 400 private equity loans in the program. Read more about the Private Equity Fund or contact us today for a consultation.

SAPOR Group Celebrates 30 Years!

SAPOR Anniversary
The SAPOR Group 30th Anniversary was celebrated with a wonderful gala event on 18th October 2017. Honored guests included Dr Segio Espadas representative for the AEICEP, over 120 investors and 20 active SAPOR Rental dealers . We used this celebratory event as an opportunity to recognize the 10th anniversary of SAPOR Admin Services, the 13th anniversary of SAPOR Rentals, as well as the achievements of many of our SAPOR Rentals dealers. Many dealers received a Certificate of Recognition (R5m – R10m annual business) and an elite few received the Certificate of Excellence (R10m+ annual business).
SAPOR Rentals also announced some exciting new financial services that we are bringing to market. Read more about these services on the Rentals page.

We look forward to many more years of steady growth. Thank you all for your support.