SAPOR Admin Services

Boost Your Business Cash Flow | Complete Debit Order Solution

Cash flow management is vital for growing a business. As a business owner you have control over your entire accounting process . . . except customer payments! How often does month-end invoke panic and sleepless nights?

If your company is struggling to collect money you should consider using SAPOR Admin’s Debit Order Collection System . . . after all . . . we do!

Admin Cash Issues

Our Debit Order Collection System

SAPOR Rentals funded the development of our proprietary SAPOR Collections System, which is operated, maintained, and marketed under the SAPOR Admin Services business. This is a leading-edge, cost effective, time saving and secure system for processing and managing our electronic collections, i.e. the monthly installment due on each lease agreement.

In addition to managing the payment collections for SAPOR Rentals, we have made this service available to third-parties. We now collect payments for some of our suppliers, property management companies (levies and special assessments), schools, and so forth.

Debit Order Collections

Benefits and Features for Third Parties

  • Money is collected via debit order from any South African bank, thus allowing you to manage your cash flow efficiently.
  • Money collected is paid to the third party three working days after it is collected.
  • No upfront security is required against your debit order batch.
  • Details can be captured for recurring and non-recurring debit orders.
  • Statistical data and comprehensive reporting allows you to analyze efficiency of your collections and to timeously take action against defaulting parties.