Medical Equipment

In our 13+ years in business, SAPOR Rentals has established a solid reputation with our suppliers by funding surveillance, telecommunications, IT, and office automation equipment.

We are now leveraging our experience and reputation to extended our financial solutions into other areas, including financing medical equipment.

Benefits for Medical Professionals

Purchasing medical equipment is often cost prohibitive because medical practices lack the capital to fund such large expenses.

SAPOR Rentals helps by financing medical equipment as an operating lease, instead of a capital expenditure. This approach has a number of benefits, including:

  • No capital expense (CAPEX) required
  • Does NOT reflect on the Balance Sheet
  • Reflects as an Operating Expense in the Income Statement
  • Does not affect business credit lines
  • And many more . . .
Medical Doctor

Benefits for Medical Equipment Suppliers

Working with SAPOR Rentals as your financier has significant benefits for the supplier:

  • We have a solid reputation as a financial services company
  • We manage the client’s application process, leaving you to focus on your business
  • Our interest rates and lease terms are competitive
  • You can expand your client base to include medical professionals and practices with limited capital
Dental Chair

Work with SAPOR Rentals

Interested in offering lease options to your clients? Get your application process started by downloading and completing these three documents. Once completed, email them to Corey Badenhorst – Sales and Marketing Director – for review.